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Traditional Spa Services

Facial and Back Treatments

Products chosen for treatments include Guinot, Alchimie, IS Clinical, Avene, SkinMedica and Neocutis.

Signature Rejuvenating Facial (Galvanic) – $110
Treat your skin to the benefits of our Signature facial. Combining the best facial elements available, this treatment delivers results. We use mild electrotherapy (Galvanic current) combined with plant-based active ingredients to deeply cleanse, remove congestion and perfectly hydrate the skin. The treatment’s oxygenation increases circulation, energizing facial skin cells and encouraging the elimination of toxins. Extractions are carried out as needed. A gentle, lifting massage with essential oils is performed on the face, neck and upper chest to increase lymph drainage, improve muscle tone, and relax facial tension. A customized mask created with plant concentrates will address your skin’s specific condition(s). Hot stones further release stress and provide comfort throughout your experience.  (- $15 to exclude electrotherapy; $95.)

To achieve even greater benefits, other treatments can be incorporated into your facial. These include microdermabrasion, SilkPeel, Micronage Peel, a firming or glycolic mask, lip or hand treatment, or collagen treatment.  Please ask your aesthetician to discuss any of these with you in greater detail.

Gentleman’s Facial – $110
Designed specifically for men and customized to benefit any skin type.  The skin is steamed and deeply cleansed. A low galvanic current loosens and lifts environmental impurities and dull surface skin cells. Facial extractions for clogged pores are performed where needed. Plant-based active ingredients improve and protect the skin. A relaxing massage for the face and upper shoulders is included to increase lymph drainage, improve muscle tone and relax tension. The Gentleman’s facial is a worthy investment in the look, condition and feel of your skin.

Medical Treatment Facial - $120
We tailor this clinically oriented facial to treat specific conditions such as rosacea, acne and sensitive, intolerant skin. This facial addresses more serious skin issues with significant time spent treating the specific condition. A mild exfoliation improves texture, followed by high frequency oxygenation, which creates an anti-bacterial effect.  Professional plant based products are used to treat the skin. This medically approved facial works in synergy with any prescription regimen. Extractions are carried out as needed. Periodic Medical Facials can make a significant improvement in the look and feel of stressed or troubled skin.

Spa Facial - $100
A most relaxing experience, this is luxurious spa pampering for the face, limbs and spirit.  Steam and gentle exfoliation open the pores and begin the treatment that will have your skin refreshed and glowing. Plant concentrates and essential oils are used to engage your senses and improve your feeling of well being.   Extensive time is spent with massage for face, neck, upper chest, hands and arms. Use of hot stones provides deep comfort. This is an excellent choice for a de-stressed mind and rejuvenated appearance. Offered by Lyn Chang, aesthetician.

Teen Facial – $75
We have a great fondness for our teen clients and the care of their skin. This facial is specially designed to address the potential problems of younger skin such as blemishes and blocked or open pores. We can provide caring guidance for appropriate at-home skin care to the teen and/or the parent.  The Teen Facial is deeply cleansing and incorporates warmth to soften blocked pores and provide for easy extractions.  An anti-bacterial calming and soothing mask is applied to help reduce redness and inflammation.  30 minute appointment time.


Skin Rejuvenation, Texture Improvement and Acne Treatments

SilkPeel - $165 alone or $225 with a facial
Excellent for treating acne-prone skin, dry, dull skin and for those with pigmentation concerns.  Treatment includes use of a selected product chosen specifically for your skin’s needs, precision exfoliation, gentle suction, and simultaneous serum infusion.  SilkPeel’s “wet abrasion” treatment exfoliates and infuses your skin with vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants.  Your skin is smoothed and refined with a visible, radiant glow. Improves the tone and texture of all skin types.  Allow 90 minutes for this appointment when included with a facial.

Microdermabrasion - $105 alone or $175 with a facial
The diamond tipped wand uses the polishing action of diamond chips and the gentle cleansing action of vacuum suction.  The wand gently lifts away dead skin leaving a smoother texture.  The microdermabrasion facial helps with issues such as sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines, blackheads, milia, and skin rejuvenation.  This is an excellent choice for clients who are unhappy with the texture of their skin. 30 minute appointment. Allow 80 minutes for this treatment when included with a facial.

Signature Chemical Peels - $200 to $1200
We provide four SkinLuma advanced chemical peels to provide benefits from reducing brown spots to brightening the skin, to treating mild acne scars and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Please see separate chemical peels handout that outlines the specific peels.

Back Treatment – $85
This treatment benefits the appearance and health of the skin of the back. The area is cleansed using a motorized brush; steam is applied to soften the skin and prepare it for further treatment.  Depending on the condition and needs of the skin (i.e. acneic, dry, flakey, oily, blemished) the treatment is customized to create improvement.  A low-level chemical peel is applied to smooth texture and increase tone.  A light body moisturizer is massaged into the back to finish.  Great for acne-prone skin and for achieving clear and smooth skin on the back. 40 minutes.


Facial Firming and Lifting

Stimulating Lift Treatment - $130 alone or $205 with a facial
Available exclusively in the Charlottesville area at Signature, this is the closest one can get to a “non-surgical face lift” without downtime, injectables or lasers.  This aesthetician-performed treatment uses lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and muscle stimulation to tone and lift the face and neck. Through a stimulating microcurrent, there is an improvement in lymph and blood circulation; cellular activity is increased as the cells become more oxygenated and energized.  After one treatment, a lifting of the face is visible along with a more radiant complexion. 

We recommend a course of six treatments, over a three to six week period, with results lasting for up to six months.  Monthly treatments thereafter will maintain your results.  Allow 90 minutes when included with a facial.